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Hi, and thanks for visiting "My Lottery Guide"!

It is impossible to know how to win the lottery, but there really are some great ways of improving your chances dramatically, and here at My Lottery Guide you will find plenty of information to help you do just that!

Today there are many lotteries to play from all around the world with new interest in them being gained daily, as players become aware that it is possible to buy lottery tickets in these exciting an often large lotteries.
You can be sure most players would be over the moon to learn How To Win The Lottery. The Game of Lottery is probably the most played game on earth with everyone who enters playing to win the lottery.

I can't tell you how to win the lottery, but I can give help in increasing your odds to win the lottery! along with plenty of info on many lotteries, tips, scams, syndicates etc....


Iím sure you are more than aware and realise most tips you will have come across detailing how to win the lottery, really donít make any sense at all. They go into great detail informing players which numbers to select and which lottery numbers to avoid based on them being hot or cold numbers and which are more likely to be drawn, based on passed draws.

More often than not these lottery systems supply impractical advise getting players to pick lottery numbers based on a mathematical rule. Itís a Lottery there are no rules in which the order of the balls are released. If there was a system that detailed how to win the lottery that worked, some one would be vey rich one way or another.

An important point to remember is no one knows a way to bend the lottery system and whenever you play in any lottery the normal way, every one will have the exact same chance as every other player. All lottery balls drawn has the same kind of chance as all the other lottery balls.

Always keep an opened mind and on the look out for those crazy lottery systems that believe they pick better lottery numbers that will have better chances to win than all the others.

All is not lost! As there are other steps players can take if they are on a mission to learn how to win the lottery. Playing in a syndicate will allow players to dramatically raise their odds. This is what I personally do and I highly recommend Love My Lotto!

My apologises on breaking the dreams of players that believed there may just be a secret way to win the lottery.



watch the video below and hear Johnís full story on how he found out heíd won the lottery; how itís changed his life; how itís changed his familyís and friendsí lives; and why he plays in a Love My Lotto syndicate. Youíll simply love this!


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